Destabilization: the threat to the “Global Village”

In the last years, academic enquiry and political actions have progressively focused their attention on risk management, particularly the evaluation of risks and vulnerabilities. Destabilizing factors, often associated with rapid urbanization, the extensive and often abusive exploitation of natural resources and advances in technologies, have improved human conditions while contributing to unpredictable vulnerabilities. For example, the benefits of the Internet have been mitigated by the operations of cyber criminals. In the “global village”, the digital age has further enhanced the interdependence and interconnectivity between communities and countries.
IMG_5874The growing complexity of the changing landscapes call for a rethinking of the conceptual approaches and strategies to address the threats and vulnerabilities arising from environmental, socio-economic and political settings of the global, digital village. Approaches to support stable societies, able to manage risks and vulnerabilities, should be refined to address the challenges of innovation and globalization. Cultural changes that can generate a real reform are needed to mitigate risks and adjust to a constantly changing environment. This is particularly true in the field of organized crime: crime syndicates are constantly adjusting to the changing environment and redirecting their focus and interests towards vulnerable areas in search of new “business” opportunities and profit.
This issue of Freedom From Fear serves as a platform to share different perspectives on some of the most critical destabilizing factors such as violent extremism, corruption, organized criminal networks and environmental crime. In doing so it seeks to provide useful inputs to the culture of change while emphasizing the importance of risk management – and the central role of citizens and civil society in addressing threats to their communities.
This issue also covers topics which are often not given the attention they deserve; their adverse impact, meanwhile, affect the lives of citizens, communities and relations between countries.
The Institute is grateful to the contributors to this issue of Freedom from Fear magazine for sharing their innovative thinking on “destabilization” as challenges to peace, security and development in the global village.