Youth for Youth: We care, we act – European Union Aid Volunteers

The European Union (EU) Aid Volunteers is an initiative that offers European citizens from the age of 18 the opportunity to get involved in humanitarian aid projects in the Global South. In particular, the EU Aid Volunteers programme offers:

  • Opportunities to become EU Aid Volunteers in humanitarian projects worldwide
  • Professional support by trained and well-prepared volunteers to communities affected by disasters
  • Capacity building for local staff and volunteers of organisations in countries hit by disasters
  • Technical assistance for organisations based in Europe to strengthen their capacity to participate in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative

The European Aid Volunteers Initiative consists of three parts:

  • Deployment
  • Capacity building
  • Technical assistance


The programme is promoted by the Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection – ECHO. The Civil Volunteer Group (GVC) is the Italian sending organization.
GVC is a non-governmental, secular and independent organization, founded in Bologna in 1971. The organization implements international projects to deliver humanitarian aid to populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters. The organization supports reconstruction, promotes hygienic conditions and food security, rural development and education, and protection of the rights of women and children.
Junior and senior volunteers are involved in the development of the capacities and resilience of vulnerable communities. Joint projects involving expert humanitarian operators and local organisations are designed and implemented.